One out of every four French lipsticks is sold to China-China becomes the largest exporter of French cosmetics

One out of every four French lipsticks is sold to China

According to the latest data from the EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF ETHICAL AND ALTERNATIVE BANKS AND FINANCIERS (FEBEA), China has became the largest exporter of French cosmetics products for the first time in 2020. 

According to FEBEA’s historical data, China was only France’s seventh-largest beauty exporter in 2018. In 2019, China became France’s fourth-largest beauty exporter. In 2020, China has climbed to the top. 

At present, beauty products are France’s second-largest export industry, second only to the aviation industry, and make a huge contribution to France’s net overseas sales. Due to the impact of the new COVID-19 pandemic, France’s total exports of beauty products in 2020 were 15.7 billion euros, a decrease of 11.8% from 2019. At the same time, French export sales to China increased by nearly 20.7%. 

In terms of sub-categories, China is by far the largest overseas market for French lipsticks. A quarter of the lipsticks exported from France are sold to China; skin care products and makeup products from France are also very popular in China; France Soap exports have achieved strong growth all over the world. Among them, China ranked first, with sales increasing by 22%, followed by Europe, with an increase of 19%.

At the same time, sales of perfumes and eau de toilettes exported by France fell by 16% and 27.9%, respectively. Part of this is due to travel bans imposed by various countries, fewer new fragrance product releases and the closure of travel retail. 

FEBEA President Patrick O’Quin said in a statement: “Cosmetics have proven their ability to face this special situation throughout the year. We have taken various actions to defend the interests of members as much as possible. We are particularly involved in the promotion of the export process through a qualification certification platform that obtains a certain number of required documents. More than 50% of France’s cosmetics are exported to other countries, and the entire French cosmetics export industry employs 130,000 people. Despite the turbulent environment, French cosmetics still account for 24% of the global market share.’Made in France’ remains an important asset for the sector and the entire economy.”

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