Estee Lauder Launched China’s Largest Innovation and Research and Development Center

On December 15, 2022, Shanghai Launched the Estee Lauder China Innovation R&D Center. The Estee Lauder Group, which entered the Chinese market around 30 years ago, is increasing its investment in research and development.

“The Estée Lauder Group first entered the Chinese mainland market about thirty years ago. It has continually enhanced its long-term commitment to the Chinese market, strengthened its R&D skills, upgraded its scientific research facilities, and nurtured scientific research talent.” The Estee Lauder Group’s executive chairman, William Lauder, said that in the future, the company would continue to establish a local talent team and educate a new generation of beauty scientists for China and the rest of the globe.

Estee Lauder established a research and development center in Shanghai in 2005. It was designated as the Group’s Asia-Pacific Research and Development Center in 2011. Upgraded China Innovation R&D Facility is the company’s first global R&D facility that combines research, ideation, insight, clinical, sensory, and performance assessment, formulation, packaging, and engineering. The personalized full-link innovation fully includes Estee Lauder’s brand business and supports the innovative luxury beauty brand matrix innovation.

“The improvement of China’s innovation R&D center to a world-class level is another significant achievement for Estée Lauder in the Chinese market.”   

Located in Minhang, Shanghai’s Caohejing Science and Technology Oasis Park, the 12,000 square meter research and development facility combines contemporary and traditional Chinese design elements and architectural aesthetics, as seen in the design details of each level; the terrace on the top floor has a distinct form and rhythm. The water curtain glass and spiral staircase represent the “water” element in the form of real objects, allowing “water” to flow throughout the hall and interior of the entire R&D facility. Estee Lauder’s appreciation for Chinese traditional culture and devotion to the Chinese market are embodied in it.

Moreover, the R&D center is built and constructed in compliance with LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum green building standards, which exemplifies the Group’s commitment to sustainable development. The Estée Lauder Companies will concentrate their new R&D center on advances in green chemistry, ethical sourcing, and sustainable packaging.

The R&D center also has a team of Chinese scientists, engineers, and product developers who work together to do scientific research in a variety of fields. In the future, Estee Lauder plans to house almost 200 people, including world-class scientists and other R&D experts. More than 70% of all workers are female; 20% of R&D people have a doctoral degree, and one-third have a master’s degree or above.

Leveraging its in-depth knowledge of Chinese and Asian customers, the R&D Center will facilitate the development of the Group’s main brands and provide Chinese and Asian consumers a distinctive, personalized product range. Reports say that Estee Lauder Group plans to lead new research on Chinese and Asian skin features in a number of subcategories and product lines that have to do with Asia. Innovation in product and packaging, clinical testing for male Chinese customers, etc.

In particular the faster “”The Estée Lauder Group’s investment in the creation of China’s innovation R&D center represents its long-term commitment to China and its confidence in offering customers in China and throughout the globe with high-quality goods and services. It will grab new chances and create new items inside the luxury cosmetics market.” The Group’s President and CEO, Estee Lauder Fu Yide, stressed.

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