Deep Analysis Of 26 Efficacy Claims and The Testing Requiremnts [China]

The cosmetics business formally entered the era of efficacy evaluation on January 1, 2022 in China. In the era of efficacy, how well a product works is at the center of how it is made. Understanding the standards for claim evaluation and classification of cosmetic effectiveness is crucial.

This article analyzes the criteria for the Efficacy Claim Evaluation Project according to the “Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulations,” “Cosmetic Classification Rules and Classification Catalog,” and “Cosmetic Efficacy Claims Evaluation Specifications.” 

The effects of cosmetics under the new laws are split into 26 claim categories Plus 1 new effect, as per “Cosmetics Classification Rules and Classification Catalog” . Different Claims either can be exempted for data submission or necessary to submit efficacy testing reports, research documents, human clinical trials, or Consumer using data to support your claims.

1. Exemption of Data Submission

The claims that are related to the senses of sight, smell, and other senses may immediately be identified as exempt from submitting materials or abstracts to support the claims. 

(1) Cleaning

Cleaning is the process of removing dirt and other things from the surface of an application site.

Examples of claims include “wash,” “clean,” “clear” “bath” “shampoo,” “hair cleaning” etc.

(2) Makeup remover

To remove used parts of makeup and other cosmetics.

(3) Beauty modification:

It is used to temporarily change the appearance of the used part to achieve beautification, modification, and other functions, and it can be restored to its original state after cleaning and removing makeup. Note: Products such as artificial nails or solid decorative objects (such as false eyelashes, etc.) do not belong to cosmetics.

Examples of claims: concealer, conceal, cover, isolate, beautify, retouch, fix. Fixed color, long-lasting makeup, beautiful lips, dazzling, gorgeous, beautiful color, magic color, wind color, rich color, fashion, glamour, charming, eyelash curling, eyelashes dense, eyelashes curling, Temporary hair coloring that can be restored to its original state after cleaning.

(CB: These claims are translated from Chinese, if you are not sure of your claims, contact us for analysis ).

(4) Aroma:

Definition: It has aromatic components, which help to modify body odor and increase fragrance.

Examples of claims: fresh, fragrant, scented, lingering, perfumed, etc.

(5) Body Cooling:

Definition: Helps keep skin dry or enhance skin cooling. Note: Products for pathological hyperhidrosis are not cosmetics.

Examples of claims: toning, refreshing, clean, dry, cool, smooth, cool, water-absorbing, sweat-absorbing.

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